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  1. Hi Emmie,
    My name is Sophie, as I was looking through different blogs I saw yours, and it stood out to me because of the color. I noticed that in this post you were talking about lemonade, and the picture you used at the bottom is of a “Herberts Lemonade” Logo. Do you have those where you live in Canada too? Where I live in California hey are really popular.
  2. Hi Monique,
    Your blog is really interesting, and I loved reading and learning about Australia. I was wondering it there are any other parts of Australian that are particular to Australia that you like or think that I might find interesting. Hope to hear from you!
  3. Hi Sophia,
    The video was really cool and it made the blog very interesting and interactive. Is gymnastics a popular sport where you live? I don’t do gymnastics but I have always wanted to be able to do flips and other cool things that were in the video.
  4. Hi Asha,
    Your post is great, and it is very descriptive about your holiday road trip. Did you listen to any music on you read trip? I was wondering if there are any popular musicians in Australia that I might not know. I live in California.

  5. Hi Sienna,
    Are there lots of Box Jellyfish where you are from? I live in California, but I usually don’t see very many jellyfish. Are there any types of food that are really popular in Australia? Let me know.

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor is a popular artist in the U.S.  She if a relatively new artist and has only had two albums on Itunes. Her first album was published in January of 2015, and her second on isn’t being released until the middle of May 2016. She is very popular because she speaks up about body image and about how you should love yourself no matter what. I like Meghan’s music not only because it has a good message but because of the catchy beat.


I would love more than anything to Cala Mercerelleta, Menorca, Spain. I would love to visit Cala Mercerelleta because of the beautiful clear waters and the warm weather. This beach is only reachable by a 30-minute walk or by boat. This would be the perfect beach to visit because it wouldn’t be very crowded, the sand is soft, and the water is clear. Even thought the ideal season to visit it would be in the summer the weather stays warm throughout the rest of the seasons.


Free Write #16stubc


Almost every other summer my brother, mom, dad, and I go to France. While we are there we stay in a small town on the northwestern coast called Roscoff. My grandparents have a house there and that is where they live for half of the year. There is a huge garden which my grandmother loves gardening in and it is also right on the water so there is a great view of the water. I love going there because I get to see my family, go to the beach, eat yummy food, and go to sailing school. The beach that I go to in France are very different then the beaches in Northern California because the water is clearer and warmer, and the sand if really soft and white.  You definitely don’t have to wear a wetsuit during the summer. The food is also really good. Unlike the meals here you will usually have a small breakfast, a huge lunch,  a medium sized dinner. The food is always really good and my favorite place to eat is crêpe restaurant called “Du La Poste.” I also go to sailing school during the days. Sometimes I meet new people and sometimes I go with my French cousins. I always enjoy myself when I’m there and can’t wait until I go again this summer!

Commenting on blogs around the world!

I commented on: she is from Portugal, 13, and enjoys playing basketball,and baking. I commented on her “I am” poem. I left a comment on this poem because it reminded me of last year when we did our “I am”poems. I commented,”Hello! My name is Sophie and I’m from the U.S. I was looking through a lot of blogs and yours really stood out to me. I really like how clear you were and how you told me so much about you in so few words. Feel free to visit my blog: she is from South Korea, 13, and enjoys traveling, and taking pictures. I chose to comment on Dayoung’s blog because I thought that she had an interesting personality and I knew that she would most likely respond because I saw that she did on other posts. I commented, “Hello Dayoung! My name is Sophie and I live in California. Your blog is really cool and I especially liked your avatars because they showed two different emotions. I noticed how you said, “when I had long hair” does that mean that you cut your hair? I liked how you also included the things you like to do when you described yourself. Feel free to visit my blog:” he is from Russia, 13, and enjoys computer science, and robotics. I chose to comment on Ivan’s blog because he seemed like a very ambitious person and I don’t know many people who are 13 and already know that they want to be a pilot.  I commented: “Hello Ivan! I am from California and while I was looking through some blogs I came across yours and it really stood out. I think it is really cool that you are pursuing your dream of becoming a pilot and even though it is a hard job. What kind you planes would you want to fly? Commercial planes? Air force? Feel free to visit my blog:
Ps. First of all your background is very interesting. he is from New Zealand, 14, and enjoys performing arts, and motorsports.  I chose to visit his blog because I hadn’t commented on anyone’s blogs from New Zealand, and after reading his post about 21st-century technology in schools it reminded me a lot of our school. I commented, “I thought that this article was especially interesting because at my school starting in 3rd grade there everyone has either an iPad or computer. In 3rd and 4th grade, everyone gets and Ipad that they can use at school. In 5th grade, you get a computer you can use at school. Starting in 6th grade, you get computers that you can use at school and at home. Speaking from experience, I really have benefited from having and being able to use my computer to help extend my learning. Is there a one to one electronics policy at your school too? Feel free to visit my blog:”

Blogging Challenge #1

My Avatar

 This is my avatar! I used Bitmoji to create it. I actually had Bitmoji even before I heard about the student blogging challenge in school. When I made this avatar I gave myself the most similar characteristics that I could find to what I actually looked like me. The cool thing about the Bimoji avatar creator is that there are hundreds of different personalized emojis that can express different emotions. For example, the one above was under the “hi” category where you could also find ones that say “Good Morning” with a big coffee cup. I love all of these features but my more favorite one is that you create and account and then you can use it on either your phone or computer!

Blog Challenge #2

In chapter two the book “Of Mice and Men,” you hear a lot about the different kinds of belonging the characters have. A lot can be learned by looking at the belongings that each character has. For example, George has a lot of belongings including blankets, a bindle with a razor, bar of soap, comb, pills, and a wristband.  Goerge seems like he takes pretty good care of himself and his belongings. You can also compare Goerge and the guy who has lived in the bunker for longer. George has lots items and they are all for look and comfort. The former bunker only has a comb, bug spray, and neckties. The fact that he has fewer belongings points to the fact that he just uses what he absolutely needs. It also mentions that he has neck ties and that is a little misleading because why would you need neck ties if you don’t even have a bar of soap.

Shoe Poem

This is an imitation of Work Boots: Still Life by Jimmy Daniels

Shoes For the Court

Next to the Heater

Volleyball shoes bask in the heat.

Sparkling from the wash

and laces intertwined

like the threads of a rope

waiting to unravel.

The shoe all laced up like the closed eyes

of someone too exhausted to wake,

eyes that can almost blink,

A breach in the fabric reveals

a symbol

a flash of the promise of endurance

the promise of strength and the game.